Latvian brides

Why Choose Latvian Brides?

There are many reasons to marry a Latvian girl – lower divorce rates than Russia, simple and elegant lifestyle, and higher education. But the most important reason is simple: they’re just as beautiful as Russian women. If you’re not sure what to expect from a Latvian bride, read on for more information. You might be surprised to learn that Latvian brides value higher education. If you’re a bachelor or graduate, you might be surprised to learn that a Latvian bride values higher education.

Less divorce than Russia

A study by Professor David M. Buss and his colleagues revealed that Russian and Latvian brides are less likely to get divorced than their Russian counterparts. This difference is attributed to the fact that Russian men are more likely to cheat and have a high rate of infidelity. Women in these countries face a difficult situation dealing with culturally ingrained sexism. According to Carel de Rooy, a divorce rate of nearly 80% in Russia is a testament to the sexism experienced by Russian men.

While the divorce rate is lower in Russia and other European countries, Latvian brides are less likely to be divorced than their Russian counterparts. Although divorce is a lengthy process, it is easier to obtain a divorce in these countries. It can take up to a month, but it is much less expensive. Couples may also decide to end the marriage out of court. However, divorce is still an issue, even if it is a lower number than in Russia.

In addition to this, many Latvian brides want to have some financial independence. While many Russian brides are dependent on their husband for their livelihood, Latvian women will still work after marriage. In some cases, this may mean cutting back on work hours to raise children, but the vast majority of them will still be employed once they are married. This is a marked contrast from the Russian brides, who expect their husband to be the sole provider.

The long history of marriage between Latvia and Russia has brought about a cultural difference between these two countries. While Latvia was part of the Soviet Union, it now belongs to the European continent. Its people and women have adopted many Western ways of thinking, including their views on family and relationships. While traditional Slavic concepts still exist, the Latvian brides are more Westernized than Russian brides. A Latvian bride has the benefit of being a blend of two worlds, and is less likely to be divorced.

Higher education is highly valued in Latvian brides

Unlike their American counterparts, Latvian brides are highly educated, but this doesn’t mean that they’re smarmy or acting. In fact, they’re generally very approachable and willing to learn about your personality and lifestyle. However, you should remember that they’ll want you to be as practical as possible. So, while a few questions may seem odd, a little extra inquiry can go a long way.

Another advantage of dating a Latvian mail order bride is that they’re well-educated, cultured, and intelligent. Generally, Latvian girls receive excellent education, beginning at a young age, and continue their education until they earn at least a Bachelor’s degree. They’re also avid readers, so they have a broad knowledge of both classical and contemporary literature. In addition, the women of Latvia are more enlightened than most women of other European countries, so they seem to have an encyclopedia of knowledge about life.

In addition to being a hardworking and loyal wife, Latvian brides have an active cultural life and many interests. They are also very intelligent and hardworking. While many of them might be attractive and handsome, these women are highly educated. Despite this, their top priority is their family. If you’re considering a Latvian bride, remember that they have many characteristics that make them a perfect match for your partner.

The highest level of education a Latvian woman should possess is a bachelor’s degree in a specific field. Since most Latvian families have both husbands with a successful career, girls are likely to emulate them. Unlike some of their Slavic counterparts, Latvian women tend to marry later. In fact, they prefer to delay their marriages for educational or career reasons. This is a sign of their maturity and feminism.

They are elegant

If you want to impress your partner with elegance, consider a Latvian bride. A Latvian bride is a classic choice for those who want to get married in a more traditional way. Her modesty and class combine with a sexy, Western attitude to create a beautiful bride. Moreover, a Latvian bride’s incredible body is an extra attraction for men from other cultures. Read on to learn more about the Latvian bride’s beauty and style.

The beauty of a Latvian bride is evident from her dazzling blue eyes, her slightly flushed cheeks, and her short, sexy hair. While this looks like a fairy tale, the beauty of a Latvian woman lies in her personality. She is very loving and caring, making a Latvian woman the perfect wife and mother. She will make your day! And you’ll never look back.

A Latvian bride is very polite and has time for everything. She’d never swear and knows how to present herself. She also knows how to make her man feel special. She is an excellent match for a man who likes to be the leader of the relationship. The cost of living in Latvia is about 30% lower than the US, so it’s cheaper to live here than in the US. The country’s beautiful cities make Latvia a perfect place to get married.

If you’re looking for a bride from the Baltics, there are a number of characteristics you should know about her. First of all, she is very caring and will ensure that her husband has everything he needs to be happy and fulfilled. Secondly, she speaks English fluently. If you want a bride from Latvia, you’ll have to know how to treat her well. She’ll always appreciate your thoughtfulness.

They are simple

When it comes to dating and marriage, Latvian brides are simple and easy to get along with. They have a large circle of friends, and it is likely that they will continue spending time with them even after the romance is over. If you are thinking about pursuing a relationship with a Latvian bride, you should be aware of these differences.

First of all, you need to understand that Latvian women value their marriages and expect you to do the same. This means that they will not engage in romantic activities with other men. While you should act politely around other men, you shouldn’t try to be too overbearing with them. They will only be considering a marriage based on loyalty, not on lust or money. Therefore, if you have been thinking about getting married to a Latvian bride, make sure that you don’t try to be overbearing or narcissistic.

A Latvian bride is also a good choice for a man who wants to spend as much time as possible with their family. Their home training is excellent and they will be able to guide you into becoming a perfect wife. They are respectful of their husband and family, and they know how to mix household chores with careers. In fact, they are often able to work the same jobs as men, although they earn a lower salary.

Latvian brides are very easy to get along with. They don’t complain about their possessions and are happy with a simple life. They are happy with where they live, their health and even the things they buy. They appreciate the little things, and it shows. You will love the simplicity of Latvian brides. You will never find one who will be critical of you or your finances. They will never complain about anything!

They respect family values

If you are looking for a bride to marry, then Latvian mail order brides are a great choice. This culture is conservative, yet tolerant of other cultures. These women have a strong sense of family values and value their family life. Men in Latvia are self-sufficient but still very helpful and friendly. They also do not have many friends, but they consider friendships more valuable than gold. They will always be willing to lend a hand if you want to learn something new.

As Latvian women have good home training, they know the importance of respect for family values. They understand the roles of the man and woman in a family and what needs to be done in order to maintain peace and harmony. Their culture also values respect for family members, and it is possible that they will consider giving up their career to spend time with their family. In addition to respecting their families, Latvian brides also value respect for their husbands.

As for family values, Latvian women are also very loyal. In fact, the oldest marriage tradition requires the bride to be carried across seven bridges by her groom. Despite their traditional family values, Latvian women are tolerant and open-minded. They are unlikely to question their new romantic interests. As long as they are treated right, a Latvian bride will be a great choice. You will find that she is a lovely wife.

When searching for a Latvian bride online, make sure the website you choose has a lot of pictures of the woman you’re interested in. The site should also contain detailed information about the person, such as age, family, hobbies, and bad habits. Also, make sure to include contact information, and if possible, video chats will seal the deal. If you are serious about finding a bride, take the time to get to know her first before committing to a relationship.

Dating With Latvian Girls

Before you begin dating with a Latvian girl, you should build attraction. If you’re just looking for money or an easy way out, the Latvian girls are likely not interested in money or relationships. Building attraction and trust is a great way to develop a comfortable relationship. The Latvian girls you meet will not trade a cute guy for a big bill. So, focus on being funny and joking around to earn their trust.

Avoiding direct dating with Latvian girls

Before beginning your dating life in Latvia, you should first learn more about the culture of the country. The country has a very small percentage of foreign women, so you are more likely to find Latvian women at universities and other venues where they hang out. This makes them intelligent, independent, and generally good-looking, and you can always be sure that they will give you their undivided attention. You can also find Latvian girls in classy parties and shopping malls, so these places are the ideal locations for finding a Latvian girl.

When choosing an online dating site, make sure it has a reputation for reliability. A good customer service and user interface are essential, and the site should not refuse to reveal the personal information of ladies registered with it. Some of these sites will also provide general information about their ladies, which can help you choose who to date. Remember that dating a Latvian girl is serious business and should be treated as such. By taking the time to choose a reputable site, you can be assured of a great experience.

While Latvian women are incredibly attractive, men should be aware of how much work is involved. You will need to make several attempts to catch the attention of a Latvian woman. If you are not patient, your attempts will not be fruitful. You will likely end up losing a lot of time and effort. It’s best to wait until you’ve got some chemistry and have a good understanding before attempting direct dating.

If you are new to Latvia, you should avoid direct dating with Latvian girls. If you are a foreigner, it’s a good idea to look for a Latvian bride through a local, older resident. They will be more familiar with you and can be helpful in introducing you to women in Latvia. You can also contact Latvian women through mail order bride services to find a wife or partner.

Building attraction

One of the first things you should know when dating Latvian girls is that they are very traditional and old-fashioned. This means that you shouldn’t try to impress them with your arrogance or show your desire to have a sexy relationship as soon as possible. Instead, act naturally and show that you’re a good guy. You should avoid salacious and crude jokes and avoid inappropriate physical contact with them.

As far as traditionality goes, there aren’t too many unpleasant feminazis in Latvia. This gives Latvian girls plenty of space to build the kind of life they want, without having to worry about their partner’s career. Besides, it is not necessary to worry about having children. Moreover, Latvian women prefer not to be dependent on their partners financially. As a result, they’re not as demanding as other types of women.

When it comes to dating Latvian girls, it is important to maintain a classy and confident image. You shouldn’t be too aggressive or overbearing, as these girls can smell dishonesty and can be quite fickle. Instead, you should be friendly and confident, and you should enjoy some fun times in bed with her. These tips will help you create a strong attraction with a Latvian girl.

While Latvian girls are more attractive than average women, they are more easily turned on by attractive guys. This means that men who have more patience should be more successful in building attraction. In addition, you should avoid making it too difficult for them to get used to you. In addition, you should always try to maintain a steady relationship. Building attraction when dating Latvian girls will ensure that you have the best possible chance of success.

The second tip you should keep in mind when dating Latvian girls is to be yourself. Girls in this country are usually quiet, but they are also very independent. You need to know that they will expect you to be the same, especially when it comes to sexuality. In fact, they will often be very possessive if you can’t keep up with their needs. By keeping your personality simple and consistent, you can increase your chance of building attraction with a Latvian girl.

Avoiding controversial topics

If you want to date a Latvian girl, avoid talking about controversial topics. As a rule, they are jealous and do not like to hear about their rivals. However, if you are a man who loves to talk about women and their life, you should be okay. You should avoid discussing controversial topics while dating a Latvian girl. Instead, focus on topics that you and your Latvian girl can discuss together.

If you want to date a Latvian woman, remember that she will likely be traditional and prefer a long maternity leave. She will want a man who is ambitious and successful. Generally, Latvian girls do not want to fully rely on their men financially. If you think about it, this doesn’t seem like a problem at all. But if you don’t like that idea, you may want to avoid dating a Latvian woman.

When dating a Latvian girl, you should remember that she will be very quiet, so you should avoid talking about topics that can cause a disagreement. Moreover, you should be respectful of her culture. She will appreciate a man who is loyal to her. If she feels that she is being treated badly, she will feel very hurt. Besides, she will want someone who will protect her from bad treatment.

If you want to date a Latvian girl, you should avoid topics related to politics, religion, and social issues. For example, Latvian women who have high cortisol levels are not considered attractive to men. While men do not care about these things, they do believe that women who look happy are more attractive to them. So you should try to avoid controversial topics when dating a Latvian girl. You can also try to avoid topics about Latvian food and politics.

Compromising with Latvian culture

Dating a Latvian girl can be a challenge if you don’t know how to go about it. Latvian women are very old-fashioned and don’t want to be fooled by desperate men. To attract a Latvian girl, you need to show her that you’re not desperate. They are very conservative and don’t appreciate salacious jokes or inappropriate physical contact. They’ll probably break up with you and go on to someone who is better for their own interests.

When dating a Latvian girl, it’s essential to be aware of their culture and respect it. This will ensure you’re able to have a successful and long-lasting relationship. Latvian women are strong, independent women who respect themselves and their traditions. It’s important to understand that Latvian women do not date for fun and prefer long-term relationships. If you are not willing to respect their traditions, you won’t get far with a Latvian woman.

If you’re looking to get married in a long-term relationship, you’ll have to compromise with Latvian culture. Traditionally, Latvian women have not had children, so they have to be happy with their partners. As a result, they often have very high moral standards and are very conservative. However, you can still find a Latvian girl in the summer or in the winter, so you can make a date with her.

As with any other culture, it’s important to make sure you respect their traditions. If you’re planning to date a Latvian girl, be aware of her high-school education. It’s important to note that Latvian women value their education. They don’t like to date men with less than an advanced degree. You’ll also have to be ready to work hard in order to impress her.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you must keep in mind that most Latvian women are still single when you meet them. You should also understand that older Latvian women tend to have families and will most likely be married by the time you meet them. You’ll want to avoid getting married too early because a premature wedding can result in a divorce in a year.

Latvian Women For Marriage

If you’re considering a marriage in Latvia, the natural beauty of this country’s women is one of the best attributes to look for. Their sincerity and sensitivity are also important qualities to look for in a wife. Despite their differences, these women make great wives. They’re also very well educated and have strong family values. You can learn more about Latvian women for marriage by reading this article. It’ll help you determine whether or not this country is the right choice for you.

Natural beauty of Latvian women

If you’re looking for a beautiful girl for marriage, consider looking into Latvian girls. These women have the kind of charm and beauty that will enchant anyone. They have beautiful blue eyes and delicate facial features that will make men from other countries think that they’re in a fairy tale. And even though Latvian women are not as beautiful as European ladies, they still have a lot to offer in the way of natural beauty.

When meeting Latvian women for marriage, be sure to ask about their natural beauty. Men love women with natural beauty and unspoiled faces. Men appreciate this type of beauty more than those with a sun-kissed body and tanned skin. You’ll also notice that most Latvian brides are blondes with healthy skin and ruddy cheeks. While it may be a bit awkward at first to talk to a blonde, you can be certain that your Latvian bride is not overly tanned.

The natural beauty of Latvian women for marriage is very impressive. This type of beauty is very rare in other cultures and is a great asset to any couple. They combine Eastern femininity with Western nonchalance, and their bodies are stunning. It’s no wonder that foreign men are so smitten with Latvian women for marriage! And their natural beauty isn’t just the physical aspect that will catch the attention of potential husbands.

Traditional values

In addition to being traditional and polite, Latvian women look for men who have gentlemanly tendencies. They do not like men who behave inappropriately and engage in salacious behavior. They also want a man who is committed to their family and would not abandon them if needed. As such, men should be sincere and respectful when trying to win the love of a Latvian woman. However, this is not a prerequisite for a marriage proposal.

Most Latvian women prefer older men because they believe older men are more responsible and are less likely to abandon their children. They would rather have an older husband who is able to provide for their family and raise their children. They may consider giving up their careers so they can support their family. The reason for this is that older men tend to be more reliable and less likely to abandon their wives or children. In addition to this, a Latvian woman may have a strong sense of family values and will do whatever it takes to help raise their children.

The Latvian bride also keeps her wedding dress for life, as it symbolizes the happiest day of their lives. The ceremony also involves many traditions. In addition to traditional Latvian wedding ceremonies, couples have to visit seven bridges as part of the marriage ceremony. It is believed that this ritual will lead to a life filled with happiness and love. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Latvian bride, or want to meet the man of your dreams, a romance tour may be for you.


Single Latvian women are known to be sincere and caring. They are very honest about their thoughts, aspirations, and opinions. The best way to attract a Latvian bride is to treat her like a normal person, without pretending to be something they’re not. Likewise, if you’re happy, don’t hide it from her – they’ll definitely sense it. Moreover, sincere Latvian women don’t like acting – they would rather be loved than be treated.

The high mortality rate among local men means that many single Latvian women can’t find a suitable partner in their home country. Therefore, they leave for foreign countries in search of a husband. Often, divorced and widowed Latvian women are unable to find a partner in their home country. Dating networks have an over-abundance of spam. Spam may carry viruses and steal passwords, so be cautious about the links you click.

Sincerity is a virtue that is highly prized by Latvian women. They are also tolerant of the flaws and shortcomings of men. Because of this, men who are willing to be patient and build a long-term relationship with a Latvian woman will have a much better chance of getting the right wife. Therefore, a man should be patient enough to take advantage of the sincerity of a Latvian woman for marriage.


If you’re thinking about marriage with a Latvian lady, you may wonder if you can match her eloquence and charm. This is because the Latvian woman is renowned for her kindness and sensitivity. She will never treat you badly, and will do everything possible to make you feel better. She is also remarkably good at putting herself in other people’s shoes. Hence, she will become one of your closest friends. As a result, you’ll find yourself becoming her devoted partner.

When it comes to politeness, a Latvian bride is a real gem. This bride never makes a scene or hides her thoughts and feelings. She will always tell you the truth, no matter what. This makes dating a Latvian woman for marriage a refreshing experience. It’s not a dating game, and you won’t find hidden disappointments and secrets. Instead, you’ll have the time of your life.

The first thing you must keep in mind is that the Latvian women are very attractive. They’re extremely smart and beautiful. And they know how to impress men. Despite being modest, they have impeccable manners. Men who date a Latvian woman will be impressed with their friendliness and sensitivity. They’ll also be impressed by their sense of humor. These qualities make Latvian women a great choice for marriage.


While Latvian women have been known to live lonesome lives, they are not afraid to look for a man to marry. They treat marriage seriously and have been trained to become a wife and mother since childhood. However, this attitude is changing now. The country still ranks low on gender equality and women’s empowerment, and this has led to some Latvian ladies exhibiting Russian influence in their artwork. However, the personal women’s movement in Latvia has been gradually developing over the last decade.

When it comes to attracting a Latvian girl for marriage, men should not be surprised at the fact that she does not seem to be a very emotional person in public. Instead, she is task-focused and direct. She will take the initiative and will be more likely to give wise advice than to play games with you. As long as you show serious intentions and a sincere love for your Latvian woman, she will be a great addition to your family.

In addition to being supportive of your marriage, Latvian women are also very loyal and will not consider infidelity. They will only consider marriage with someone they truly love. The key is to impress her. She will want to know that you are a good and dependable husband. This way, you can be assured that she will be faithful and loving throughout her lifetime. So, if you’re single, a Latvian girl may be the one for you.


If you are looking for a wife who is independent, caring, and honest, you might want to look into Latvian women for marriage and children. These women are often self-sufficient and don’t need sponsors, but they also want to be with someone who can provide for their families. They are also good mothers. Most couples in Latvia don’t have many children. They are also known for being dependable and don’t abandon their wives and children when they aren’t there to support them.

When it comes to marriage, Latvian women have traditions that go way back. First, they must ask their parents’ permission. This approval ceremony is formal, and often comes with gifts. Another tradition is the money pie. During the wedding, the newlyweds divide the pie in half, and whoever has the coin gets to manage the family’s budget. The bride and groom must also be friends with the bride’s parents to make them feel comfortable.

If you’re looking to find a bride from Latvia, you should make sure you’re using a reputable online dating site. Although Latvian women are attractive, you should make sure the site you choose is secure. You don’t want to waste your time on scams or fake profiles. A secure dating site will also prevent phishing and other scams. A reputable online dating site will use robust security measures and require you to provide proof of your identity before your contact details are shared.

Latvian Wedding Traditions

The wedding ceremony is the most important day of the couple’s life. The Latvian wedding ceremony includes a series of challenges to test the newlyweds’ teamwork skills. These challenges are known as “gates,” and they symbolically symbolize different stages in life and future events. The tasks are often related to things that the couple must do as a married couple. They are a fun way to test the newlyweds’ teamwork skills, and provide good humor for the guests.

Micosana ceremony

The Micosana ceremony is an important part of the Latvian wedding tradition. The groom is expected to wear a headdress that compliments the bride’s. After the bride’s arrival, the groom must take her to a nearby restaurant or pub. Once the bride finds her groom, the tasks of returning her to him are quickly decided upon. The bride must wear a long veil, and the groom must wear a headdress to match the bride.

In the olden days, the bride and groom dance together to wake each other. In the middle of the circle, the Raf sits on a dower and puts on white wedding gloves. Then, the bride’s micotaja removes her flower wreath. The new couple then wash and wipe themselves in the same bowl and towel. The man’s bride will offer a gift to the person who brought the water.

Before the wedding ceremony, the parents of the bride and groom exchange gifts. The bride’s family presents a present to the groom. The groom’s family will also send a gift to the bride’s parents. The bride is then divided from her parents and tears are shed. The groom’s friend puts a wreath on the bride’s head and then throws a coin of yellow metal into her inventory to ensure a thriving marriage.

The Micosana commemoration is a pre-religious pagan tradition and is a crucial part of the Latvian wedding ceremony. It signifies the leaving of childhood and the beginning of a new life with a new spouse. During this ceremony, the bride’s mother takes off her veil and ties an apron around her waist. This symbolizes her mother’s role in the marriage and the importance of her role in the marriage.


Vedeji is a traditional wedding ritual that takes place in Latvia. In this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange gifts before they enter the new life together. This tradition has many traditions attached to it. One of these traditions involves the bride’s parents. The bride’s parents receive gifts from the groom’s family before the ceremony. Another tradition involves the groom throwing yellow metal money into the bride’s stocking.

In Latvia, Vedeji, or the bride, is a three-day ritual. The wedding took place during harvest season, when harvests were being gathered. The bride and groom were dressed in festive clothes, and they had to put on make-up and do their hair. In addition, the witnesses and bridesmaids also had to put on makeup and do their hair properly. The bride and groom were then married.

Another Latvian wedding tradition involves the newlyweds having to complete challenges. These challenges are called “gates,” and are meant to symbolize different stages in life. The tasks are associated with the theme, and are often related to tasks that the newlyweds will have to deal with as a married couple. The goal is to test the new couple’s ability to work together. The challenges are also a great way for the guests to get a good laugh.

The Vedeji ceremony is the highlight of a Latvian wedding. This traditional event marks the beginning of the new life for the newlyweds. In addition to the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds are called micosana, and the bride wears a bonnet and apron, as well as a ruffled apron. The newlyweds are then celebrated with a small reception in a nearby guest house or old mansion.

Passing through symbolic ‘gates’

A unique tradition in Latvian weddings involves couples passing through symbolic ‘gates’. Each gate represents a different aspect of their life. The first gate represents childhood and the next two represent children and husband and wife. The purpose of this tradition is to test the new couple’s ability to work together. Another Latvian wedding tradition involves a padlock toss. The padlock symbolizes an unbreakable bond between the newlyweds.

The newlyweds must pass through several challenges to prove their compatibility with each other before the ceremony. This practice is also practiced by the Germans and Latvians. The bride must wear her white wedding dress until midnight, and the newlyweds must guard her until after midnight. Passing through symbolic ‘gates’ in Latvian wedding traditions helps ensure that the bride and groom stay together until the party ends.

The marriage ceremony in Latvia is often a time for fun and celebration. The newlyweds and their family and friends gather to toast the newlyweds. Many traditions are based on natural cycles and observations through generations. The rites were most effective when they took place during the big events, such as a wedding. In Latvian traditional weddings, the couple’s guests gather in front of the newlyweds to wish them a life of happiness and prosperity.

The marriage ceremony in Latvia is unique in many ways. In addition to being beautiful, it is also a time for the bride and groom to exchange vows. During this time, couples should take the time to learn Latvian language before the wedding. To do this, they can download Simya Solutions’ Ling app, a game-based language learning system. The app will help them practice the language and understand the wedding traditions of Latvian families.

Flow Festival

In addition to traditional wedding rites, Latvians also celebrate folk music and dance. Folk groups consist of men and women, playing traditional instruments and singing traditional songs. A favorite of the locals is Latvian chorus singing, which is celebrated during song festivals held in the early summer. The city of Riga also boasts a Latvian open-air museum, as well as numerous museums featuring art, history, and applied arts.

Meeting newlyweds at parents’ house

The meeting of newlyweds at their parents’ home is one of the many traditions associated with the Latvian wedding. Guests gathered to wish the couple luck and happiness. Traditionally, the bride and groom were given gifts from their parents’ families before the ceremony. The groom’s buddie also put a wreath on the bride’s head and threw yellow metal money into the bride’s inventory.

After the groom and bride have met at the bride’s parents’ house, they are invited to attend the church where the religious ceremony is held. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds head to their parents’ house for a wedding banquet. After the wedding, the newlyweds must pass through the gates and hand over two drinking glasses. The reception is usually held until the last guest leaves. Some cultures have banned alcohol from wedding celebrations, however, and the Human Liberties Crusade and Wedding of the Weddings have become increasingly popular.

The marriage ceremony in Latvia is filled with meaning and ritual. During the wedding night, the newlyweds greet each other and greet their guests. During the ceremony, they sing a song known as the Lautari. The newlyweds then dance the Hora and waltz with the guests. In the following days, the chefs prepare the dinner and give the newlyweds a present.

The next step in the Latvian wedding traditions is to invite the newlyweds to their parents’ home. This meeting is known as the Bale Boroon. The parents invite the bride and groom’s parents and siblings for dinner. This meeting is a special event for both families. It is an opportunity to celebrate their newlywed status. The parents’ home is a place of celebration and is one of the most popular aspects of the Latvian wedding.

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