Jordanian brides

Choosing Jordanian Brides

If you are planning to marry a Jordanian woman, there are several important factors to consider. These factors may include the culture and values, price, and characteristics of the bride. Understanding these factors may help you choose the perfect Jordanian bride. Keep reading to learn more. We will also discuss the cultural norms and customs of Jordanian brides. Let’s start by examining the characteristics of a Jordanian bride.

Characteristics of a Jordanian bride

Despite the partial oppression they face, Jordanian women are stunning and beautiful to behold. In fact, many older women in the country still train younger girls in the art of beauty, grooming, and marriage. Although they may not be as beautiful as western women, they are still beautiful. And they take great pride in their appearance. The Jordanian women of today are just as devoted to their husbands as their husbands are to them.

The traditional role of a Jordanian woman is to provide for her husband, not pursue her own career. A Jordanian woman will prioritize homemaking and childcare while working outside the home to support her husband. This makes the typical Jordanian woman a submissive wife, willing to do whatever it takes to make her husband happy. Many women in Jordan have a high level of respect for their husbands and will not associate with men who do not have a stable income.

The role of a wife in a marriage is crucial. Jordanian women have the desire to live together, and they understand that a successful marriage requires work from both parties. This means they are willing to do anything to build a respectful relationship with their husbands, which in turn requires the men to support and contribute to them. A wife must be prepared to spend the majority of her time with her new husband.

Before a wedding is celebrated, the women must consent to the marriage. Traditionally, this occurs during an engagement feast. The woman’s family will present her with a gift, called a Mahr, which symbolizes her acceptance. Before the wedding can be celebrated, the woman must ask her husband for marriage in front of her Walee, who is her cultural father. The couple must agree on a marriage contract in front of pious witnesses before the official ceremony. There is also a public announcement of the marriage before the wedding can officially take place.

The marriage certificate should mention the Sharia court and church. Although marriage certificates are issued in Arabic, some churches provide English translations. This is an important step in the marriage process, as it ensures the legitimacy of the marriage. A marriage certificate must also be legalized by the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you are considering emigrating to the US, your marriage certificate is essential. The marriage certificate can help you apply for a green card and help you move through immigration formalities.

The headteacher bringing Syrian refugees and Jordanian students together
The headteacher brings Syrian refugees and Jordanian students together

Another benefit of marrying a Jordanian woman is that the women are very independent and hardworking. They do not like to stay home alone, and they always find something useful to do. Jordanian women are hard-working and take this attitude into serious relationships. That is why you should be careful when choosing a bride from Jordan. So be patient and don’t rush the process. Make sure to meet her friends and family before making the final decision. This will help you bond with her and help her feel comfortable with you.

Cultural norms

Before you choose a Jordanian bride, it is important to understand cultural norms about marriage. A Jordanian woman’s appearance is not enough to win the heart of a foreign man. Despite their physical beauty, these ladies possess excellent character traits that make them preferable to Western men. They are kind, compassionate, and benevolent women. They also follow their husband’s values.

The first cultural norms to be considered when choosing a Jordanian bride are related to the expectations and duties of the family. The culture in Jordan strongly opposes public displays of affection between men and women. It is highly unlikely to see a husband and wife walking hand in hand. It is important to meet the parents of the woman you are considering marrying and to establish a relationship with them. In addition, if you plan to have children, you should also consider the values and expectations of your wife and children.

Another cultural norm is to cover up long hair. Jordanian women rarely let their hair fall below the shoulders. For this reason, foreigners should tie their hair up. It is important to avoid wearing your hair wet as some people think that it advertises your sexual availability. For this reason, a blonde woman may also attract more attention in conservative areas. As a result, the Jordanian bride should be careful in her choice of dress.

As part of the pre-engagement stage, the mother of the groom visits the prospective bride. The mother of the groom will formally propose marriage to the bride-to-be on behalf of her son. The bride-to-be family will read the Fatiha together as recognition of the engagement. However, if you are unsure about the customs of Jordanian brides, consider the following before making your decision.

British, Lebanese and Jordanian teachers in the Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan
British, Lebanese, and Jordanian teachers in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

The culture of Jordan is quite different from western societies. Jordanians take pride in hospitality and enjoy building relationships with strangers. They greet others with handshakes and kiss them on the cheeks. While foreigners avoid handshakes and personal interactions, Jordanians do so frequently. The Jordanians are not as aloof as we are, and it is worth considering when choosing a Jordanian bride. When it comes to respecting the culture, the Jordanian people are very hospitable.

In Jordan, men respect women. They are expected to respect them and respect their husband’s decisions and wishes. Men should not ask about the wife’s name or where she lives, as this is considered a sign of disrespect. The only exception to this rule is when a man wants to propose to a woman. Regardless of the culture, Jordanian women will not be the first ones to initiate sexual relations.

When choosing a Jordanian bride, it is important to consider the family background of the groom and the bride. Both the bride and the groom’s parents will address the man by his family name. If the groom’s family knows Hiba’s family, they would insist that she marry him. These unfortunate situations are sadly common, and only getting worse. So how can you ensure a marriage that is both fair and successful?


A pricey Jordanian bride is not always what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for an exotic bride with a kind heart and a strong will, you’ve found the right place. Women from Jordan are beautiful, independent, and hardworking. They’ll do all the housework for you, but they’re also very loving and loyal. A Jordanian bride can be the most wonderful wife in the world, so it’s worth the money and trouble.

Jordan is an amazing country in the center of the east. One of its main attractions is its beautiful and exotic women. A Jordanian bride will make a wonderful wife and mother. The country’s culture, scenery, and people are the ultimate draw for foreign men. However, the price can be steep if you’re not careful. You’ll need to be prepared to take a few extra steps to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Although traditionally submissive, Jordanian ladies aren’t slaves to their bearded husbands. Although Jordan had a tough time during the military conflict several years ago, the overall economy of the country is starting to pick up. That’s good news for you because a Jordanian mail-order bride can be a dream come true. Whether you want a life partner with a stable job, a long-term relationship, or the chance to travel the world, a Jordanian mail-order bride can be the perfect match for you.

Jordan - Jordan Women's Union
Jordan – Jordan Women’s Union

The cost of a Jordanian bride can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. You must pay for the dating service and a trip to Jordan to meet your potential wife. If you’re planning on visiting a bride in person, expect to spend up to fifteen thousand dollars. Jordanian brides don’t care about your budget or bank account – they’re more interested in making a life together with you.

One of the main attractions of a Jordanian bride is her natural beauty. Because she grew up in a conservative culture, she doesn’t have the tendency to show peevish behavior or demands. A Jordanian bride doesn’t wear makeup and is still just as beautiful on the bed as she is on the outside. This is a huge plus for men who want a bride from a culture that’s largely devoted to family.

A Jordanian bride is an ideal choice for a Western man who wants to get married in the Middle East. These women have attractive looks and unique personalities. Even though they aren’t as popular as their counterparts in other countries, Jordanian brides can become life partners for you. You’ll be lucky to have such a beautiful bride! The price of a Jordanian bride is definitely worth the cost.

Dating With Jordanian Girls

Before you get to know how to date Jordanian girls, you should be aware of a few things. These women are known to be modest and have an understanding of their own worth. This makes them incredibly easy to date. Whether you are looking for a date at a mall or online, you should always act respectfully. The following tips will help you find a Jordanian girl and make her feel special.

Online dating sites

You can find the perfect girl for yourself by using an online dating site. Jordanian girls are stunning and have beautiful features. They are tall and slender with oval faces and long limbs. They are very feminine and have beautiful white skin. They are also very well-educated and well-mannered. These qualities make them an ideal match for western men who are looking for a woman to marry.

The most important thing that you have to remember when approaching a Jordanian girl is to remain respectful. You must never make a girl feel uncomfortable by overexposing her body or making inappropriate remarks. While it might be tempting to go overboard, try to keep it subtle, so you don’t give the impression of being showy. It’s also important to look good. You should be neat and well-groomed. You should also be well-traveled. Online dating platforms can be extremely beneficial for you if you are looking to meet a Jordanian girl.

If you’re looking for a Jordanian girl to marry, make sure to use a reputable dating agency. It can be difficult to find a good dating agency as not all websites are trustworthy. While you can find a good one by reading user reviews, be careful with revealing personal details. Some dating sites sell your personal information to other websites. As a result, it’s very important to be careful when you give out your personal information on a dating website.

Shopping malls

While the city of Amman may not have a large number of men, there are plenty of opportunities for dating Jordanian women at the local shopping malls. This type of location is a great place to meet young Jordanian women, as the malls often have events, shopping outlets, and restaurants. They can also be safe places for meeting potential dates because of the large amount of traffic they have. Just remember to keep a low profile and respect the culture of the Jordanian girls you’re meeting.

When you’re out and about in the shopping malls, try to avoid crowded areas. Make your introductions brief and try to get the girl’s number. While you’re out and about with the girls in the malls, it’s best to stick with foreign ladies who are more open to a new experience. While you’re in the mall, you’ll meet more men of other nationalities than you would in the city.


One of the best ways to impress a Jordanian girl is to be respectful of her culture. Though Amman society is more progressive than many others, women in Jordan have traditionally been given caregiver duties and are often forced to sacrifice other dreams. However, by showing that you value her culture, you can make her feel wonderful and build a solid foundation for your relationship. Below are some tips to impress a Jordanian girl.

In Jordan, women tend to be devoted to relationships and their families. Most of them are family-oriented and are happy to marry, but some women are not into relationships. Understanding the culture and how Jordanians date is crucial in building a successful relationship. Typically, men should be outgoing, honest, and polite. Respect is expected of both men and women, and it is essential to make her feel special.

Breakfast with Jordanian Women Leaders
Breakfast with Jordanian Women Leaders

Although Jordanian women are curvy, you should respect their culture. Most traditional women in Jordan wear hijabs to hide their faces from strangers. However, modern women in Amman wear western clothes. How a Jordanian woman dresses and carries herself will depend on their upbringing. While Western women have curves to die for, Jordanian women put their values first. While western women can be gorgeous, they cannot match the devotion a Jordanian woman can show.


When dating Jordanian girls, you need to be very discreet and respectful. As women from a conservative culture, Jordanian girls are very modest and don’t appreciate excessive flirting. They dress modestly and keep their body hair covered, but you should make sure that you don’t touch them. Moreover, don’t approach them publicly, as they prefer virgins until marriage. And they’ll be especially happy if you don’t make them feel uncomfortable by being too touching them.

Dressing modestly is a must, as Jordanian women are quite conservative and won’t tolerate revealing clothes. Dressing appropriately will make you stand out from the rest of the men, and you will be respected. While it might be tempting to show off your body to attract Jordanian girls, it will only make them feel uncomfortable. If you don’t follow these rules, you’ll probably have difficulty dating Jordanian girls.

Be respectful of her culture and family. Jordanian women are generally respectful and will respect your family. However, do not be rude to her parents. It’s better to show your respect and appreciation for her family and friends. If you’re interested in meeting Jordanian girls, make sure that you’re respectful and polite. It’s important to understand that traditional values aren’t the end of the world and that you can’t prevent a woman from developing her personality.


One way to win over a Jordanian girl is to be confident. You can do this by knowing how to approach a woman in public. Make sure you approach her carefully, and exchange phone numbers. Avoid places with too much traffic, and try to remain respectful. If you do manage to win over a Jordanian girl, be sure to make her feel special. It will go a long way in winning her heart.

Although Jordanian women have beautiful appearances, physical attractiveness alone will not be enough to win over a Jordanian woman. You also need to consider her character. While Jordanian women are not the most outgoing, they have many positive traits. Their families value independence, benevolence, and gentleness. They also value being able to do household chores. These characteristics make a Jordanian girl a great choice for a romantic relationship.

Although it is hard to find women in Jordan, there are several steps you can take to win her heart. First, be confident in yourself. Jordanian women are very private and often don’t show affection openly. They are interested in the well-being of their partners, and they won’t feel threatened by your lack of confidence. If you want to win a Jordanian girl, it’s vital that you’re confident and stable in your appearance.

Respect for parents

As a man, you must consider how to respect parents in Jordan. This culture holds high regard for its parents and their children. A man should always show respect to his parents by being polite to them. His actions should also show that he is sensitive to other people’s feelings. Remember that your words have meaning. Likewise, be grateful and express appreciation to your parents. You should also be observant of the family traditions and customs in Jordan.

Remember that parents have gone through many life events and are generally the best source of information. They understand what teenagers are feeling. Therefore, they will not push you away or discourage you from meeting them. If your Jordanian girl is not interested in spending time with her parents, you should be aware of their feelings and consider their advice. Parents will appreciate your sincere concern for their well-being. However, you can show them that you respect their parents by demonstrating gratitude.

Be respectful of the family and friends of the girl you are dating. The majority of Jordanians are devout Muslims. If you are not a practicing Muslim, your chances of meeting non-conservative Jordanian women are remote. Respect their parents before initiating any relationship. Jordanian women hold family and female friends high. If you have good morals and are willing to respect them, your Jordanian girl will be able to tell you whether you are a serious romantic partner or not. By introducing her to your parents and friends, you can determine whether you have a chance to have a relationship with her.

Relationships with a Jordanian wife

If you have ever thought about getting married to a Jordanian woman, you will likely encounter several challenges. First, you should understand that Jordanians are conservative in their approach to dating. Generally, they do not openly express their interest in men, so approaching a woman is tricky. When dating a Jordanian girl, make sure to make an effort to be as friendly as possible. Moreover, do not approach them if the place is crowded. Remember to be respectful and kind as well.

Another aspect that you must keep in mind is that Jordanian women are very traditional in their approach to marriage. Their husbands are the head of the family and are responsible for making decisions related to the family. They also take responsibility for the family’s housekeeping and child-rearing. Those characteristics make Jordanian women a good choice for marriage. Despite their traditional family values, they can be challenging in some ways. But by showing respect for their culture and traditions, you can expect your Jordanian wife to be a better partner in your life.

Jordanian Wedding Band
Jordanian Wedding Band

While it is important to respect the local culture, it is best to avoid exposing your liberal ideas about love and sex in public. While Jordan is a modern country, public displays of affection are frowned upon. Nevertheless, you can have a casual relationship with a Jordanian girl. However, it is best to avoid any interracial relationships. Even if you are not sure about your relationship with a Jordanian girl, you should try to avoid public displays of affection.

Finding Jordanian Women For Marriage

If you are interested in marrying a Jordanian woman, you have a number of different options available. Here are some of the characteristics of the best Jordanian brides. In addition to knowing what to look for in a potential bride, you should consider using a dating site to find a Jordanian bride. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a Jordanian bride.


If you are looking for a marriage partner from Jordan, you will find that these women have many qualities in common with women of other cultures. One of these traits is their desire for a better life. The Jordanian gender stereotype requires women to marry early and be homemakers. While women in Jordan enjoy equal rights to education and career opportunities, the country’s traditional values are still highly valued. This makes it difficult to find women who are ready to commit.

One of the most attractive qualities of Jordanian women is that they know their worth. These women are born and brought up with the attitude of modesty, and it shows when you spend time with them. They also value their family, so you can be sure that you’ll have a long-lasting relationship. You’ll be able to find a woman from Jordan through marriage agencies or online dating sites. And if you are unsure whether or not a Jordanian woman is a good match for you, she’ll probably be happy to hear that you are serious about marriage.

Another great thing about Jordanian women for marriage is that they are incredibly respectful. They respect their parents, their family, and themselves. Respect is a key characteristic of marriage. However, it is important to remember that they may reject your first few dates. Once you’ve asked them on three dates, you’ll find that they will agree to meet you on a fourth. This way, you can be assured that you’ll have an amazing marriage with a beautiful woman.

Another benefit of meeting a woman from Jordan is that they are modest. While Jordanian women are a little less glamorous than European or American women, they have the same qualities. They’re modest, loyal, and respectful. And they won’t argue unless they feel compelled to. Unlike many of their Western counterparts, Jordanians don’t care about impressing strangers. They value sincerity and fidelity in their relationships.

Characteristics of Jordanian women

If you’re looking for a woman with strong values and morals, then Jordanian women are a great choice for marriage. These women put their family and household responsibilities first. Although many Jordanians continue their studies, they still prefer marriage over a career. Despite this, you can find many women in Jordan who have chosen higher education. It’s important to note that a Jordanian woman will never let you down in the relationship.

Aside from physical appearance, Jordanian women are also incredibly charming. However, physical appearance isn’t enough to attract foreign men. They’re also incredibly sweet and have excellent character traits. Jordanian women are benevolent and compassionate. These are just some of the many reasons why many foreign men prefer Jordanian women for marriage. They’re also very tolerant of men’s differences, which makes them perfect for marriage.

Another reason Jordanian women delay their wedding is to improve their social status or become more independent in material matters. Statistics show that women in Jordan are delaying their weddings to a higher age. As a result, the average age at first marriage for Jordanian women has increased in the past few decades. While this delay is a sign of an emerging nation, it is a clear indicator that Jordanian women are not yet prepared to make marriage or at least are putting off the union.

Another reason for the late marriage age in Jordan is the economy. The Jordanian economy is experiencing difficult economic conditions. Many young people do not receive high salaries or are not finding suitable employment opportunities. These circumstances have resulted in a high dowry for marriage. This is incompatible with the standard of living in the country. As a result, women in Jordanian marriage seek a man who can fulfill these duties and provide for their family.

Characteristics of Jordanian brides

The study was conducted in Amman, Jordan, and collected data on the characteristics of young women for marriage. The respondents volunteered to complete questionnaires about their life experiences and attitudes about marriage. The characteristics of the sample members included their ages and level of education. The age gap between husbands and wives decreased over successive marriage cohorts. But a woman may need to wait at least five years before she is ready to marry.

If the man is serious about marriage, he must convince the girl’s parents. He must also prove his maturity and commitment to his daughter. Intimate relations before marriage are highly frowned upon in Jordan. A woman may consider your hints of sex as an insult. She will also need you to make some effort to make her feel accepted in the family. The fertility rate is around 2.6, and Jordanian women generally have two to three children.

Orange the World 2015 - Jordan - preventing early marriage at Za'atari refugee camp
Orange the World 2015 – Jordan – preventing early marriage at Za’atari refugee camp

Jordanian women are known for their beautiful appearance. They wear makeup and skin care products to look their best. They are also known for their kindness and will respect your family. She will also introduce you to her parents and teach you about the customs of her country. It is important that you show respect and appreciation to your prospective bride’s parents. The women of Jordan are very special and deserve your time and effort.

However, Jordanian women may not agree to marry non-Muslim men. Although they are gaining some freedom, it is still not recommended. Public displays of affection are frowned upon by the religious entities in the country. However, Jordanian women do not mind dating a foreign man as long as the relationship is not too serious. If the woman is interested in marriage, you will be able to meet her and make her happy.

Dating sites for Jordanian brides

There are various dating sites where you can find a Jordanian bride for marriage. You will need to pick a dating site, depending on your wants. Some websites have a better selection of brides, while others have more average brides. Make sure to read the usage rules before you start using the site. A good dating site will offer you many options. Some sites also have special search algorithms to help you find brides that match your preferences.

One advantage of using a dating site for a Jordanian bride is that you don’t have to leave your home country to meet your Jordanian bride. While traveling to Jordan is an adventure and a great cultural experience, it is not always the right choice. If you plan your trip carefully, you can meet the bride in person and enjoy a romantic trip. While traveling to Jordan to meet a bride may seem like a crazy idea, most reasonable men will find the right partner online and then plan a trip to meet her in person.

One important thing to consider when searching for a Jordanian bride for marriage is that the woman’s personality will differ from yours. Generally, Jordanian women will prioritize family over career. While you’ll find many very smart Jordanian women who would love to pursue a career, be sure to choose a bride who is willing to settle down and make a family. These women will be very happy and make great wives for you.

If you’re planning to meet a Jordanian bride for marriage in person, you should plan a visit to the capital city, Amman. There are many interesting sights and activities to see in this city. You can also visit the Arzaq reserve, the Shaumari reserve, and the Quseir Amara reserve. The city offers many exciting places to visit and meet a prospective bride.

Advice for foreign men interested in a Jordanian bride

If you’re a foreign man looking for a bride, you’ll find that Jordanian women are incredibly attractive and make excellent wives. They are also known for their strong family values, which make them very loyal to their husbands. While marriage in Jordan can fail, most women keep the children and remain faithful. Whether the marriage ends or works out, Jordanian women are great life partners.

If you’re planning to marry a Jordanian woman, there are some important things to consider before the wedding. Make sure that you’re careful about revealing too much about yourself in public. Make it a point to meet the bride’s extended family and find out how they live. Jordanian mail order brides’ parents may be extremely conservative, so you’ll have to be especially careful about public displays of affection.

While Jordanian women are generally considered simple and pliant, a few things should be kept in mind before the wedding. Jordanian women don’t tend to be demanding, so it is important to keep your expectations in check. This way, you can feel secure in your decision to marry a Jordanian woman. For starters, you must make sure that you’re comfortable with the culture before you choose your bride. The culture of Jordan is very conservative and values education highly.

While Jordanian women are very respectful, you should be careful not to act too obnoxiously in public. It’s important to remember that women in Jordan are very traditional and are very devoted to their husbands. It’s best to respect this and ensure your relationship is healthy and lasting. Often, this makes for a better relationship with your bride. You’ll soon be able to trust your wife and enjoy your life together.

Jordanian Wedding Traditions

There are several Jordanian wedding traditions. This article will describe some of them. Among these are the Dabke, Zaghrouta, Henna, and public shaving of the groom. These are very important parts of the wedding. In addition, you will learn how to perform traditional Jordanian wedding ceremonies. It’s a must-read for all Jordanians. Hopefully, this article will help you plan a memorable day.


Dabke is a Jordanian folk dance it originated in the Middle East. Originally, people would stomp on the rooftops of their homes to keep the mud solid. As the music grew faster, the dancing became more intense. This dance is difficult to master, especially for beginners, as it requires precision and synchronization. The lead dancer is usually the most experienced member of the group.

Al Ahli Circassian Dancing Group at Petra of Jordan
Al Ahli Circassian Dancing Group at Petra of Jordan

A traditional Jordanian wedding is emotional and celebratory. The bride and groom stand on opposite sides of the room. The groom’s family will be seated on the right side of the room while the bride stands on the left. The mother of the bride and groom will look for their future partner before them. The bride and groom’s families will then sing together during a song called zaffeh. This song may last for 30 minutes or more. It is best to refrain from attending zaffeh if you are not related to the bride and groom.

The dance is performed to the tune of a traditional Jordanian song, Dag Lmani-Tirashrash. The lyrics of the song are controversial. However, they may be a part of the heritage of the Ar-Ramtha tribe. In any case, the song is performed for the newlyweds while they dance and sing. Dabke is a popular Jordanian wedding tradition.


The zaghrouta is a traditional Jordanian wedding tradition. Traditionally, a woman will ask her future husband to marry her, and she will then be asked to participate in a week-long wedding party. The ceremony begins with the mother of the groom visiting the bride’s family and formally proposing to her on his behalf. The couple then reads the Fatiha together as a way to acknowledge their engagement.

The newlyweds will make their grand entrance at the reception. The bride’s father will accompany her daughter as she walks her husband towards her. The wedding is followed by a zaffe, a musical performance of traditional Arabic music, as performed by a troupe of musicians. The bride and groom will exchange wedding rings and be welcomed by a cheer of celebration. If the wedding is a religious event, the newlyweds will receive the zaghrouta, a traditional Jordanian wedding tradition.

The zaghrouta is a long, wavering, high-pitched vocal sound representing joy. It is performed by a woman, often with a loud voice, and involves rapid back-and-forth movements of the tongue. This tradition is a common part of Jordanian weddings, as it is often performed by the bride and groom’s families and friends during the wedding ceremony.


One of the most important customs of Jordanian weddings is the application of Henna, or turmeric, on the bride’s hands and feet. The pigment gives the skin a coppery glow and is said to bring good luck. It is also believed to protect the bride from evil spirits. Guests also feed the bride something sweet during the ceremony. The bride is often given kheer, a rice pudding, and the groom is given Gae Halud, a sweet dish.

During the ceremony, the bride is covered with a veil and escorted to the center of the circle, where a younger, unmarried girl applies the henna. Vahapoglu notes that henna is applied differently based on the region. Some brides choose to skip the ceremony altogether. While henna is considered an important part of Jordanian wedding traditions, it is becoming a rarer sight.

In the early twentieth century, Yemen’s Muslim, Zoroastrian, and Hindu neighbors began to use henna to decorate their hands and feet. This custom became a part of Sephardic Jewish wedding traditions. The bride and groom initially had their hands hennaed, but the influence of European cultures caused hennaing of the soles of the feet and fingertips. In the 1950s, most Jews left the country, and the henna ceremony went with them.

Public shaving of the groom

Before the Jordanian wedding, the groom’s barber has to shave him in public. This ceremony is accompanied by a song called “Berber Gazeli.” During the shave, guests will pin money to the groom’s peskir. The barber will then shave the groom for the longest time ever. After the shave, the groom will be allowed to ablution, kiss his mother’s hand, and ask her for her prayers.

The groom’s family will also give him henna before the ceremony, which is usually held on a Tuesday evening. It is also common for the groom’s family to have henna parties on the same day as the bride’s. A copper bowl is specially made for the event. The bride’s friends and relatives will help the bride apply the henna and decorate her henna with silver-gilt thread. The bride’s mother will prepare the boxca, and the bride’s friends will also help the groom.

The groom’s family will also invite the groom’s barber to give him a haircut, known as the “damat hamami.” In some villages, the groom and his family will have a barber come to their home to shave. Afterward, the groom’s family will pick up the bride. The groom’s family will choose a suitable vehicle for the bride, and then the entourage will drive to the church for the religious engagement ceremony.

Embroidered thobes

The embroidered thobe is traditional clothing worn by Jordanians. It originated about 3000 years ago when the Canaanite civilization was at its height. Its shapes are similar to the dresses worn by the Canaanite queens, and its red embroidery is also reminiscent of these robes. Today, women only wear these outfits on special occasions, and most Arabs wear modern outfits.

The bride and groom sit on a dais, or a comfortable seat in front of the guests. The groom then formally asks the bride’s father to marry him. The ceremony also includes a sharbat, or traditional Middle Eastern sweets. Embroidered thobes are worn by the bride and groom during this time, and the wedding party is often extended into the night. Some families decide to have a sharbat at the same time, while others opt to have separate parties. Food and dancing are important features of the wedding celebration.

Dresses in Amman // Trip to Jordan
Dresses in Amman // Trip to Jordan

The bedouin thobe was often long, longer than the dress worn by the sedentary population. The embroidered thobes used a thread that denoted the marital status of the wearer. For example, brides wore red embroidery, while widows added blue thread (the color of mourning). Later, women who were married but still living would add red or pink embroidery accents.


The Tolbe is a traditional wedding ritual that asks the bride’s family for her hand in marriage. Unlike most other wedding traditions, this ceremony is a private affair limited to the families of the bride and groom. It takes place before the wedding when the groom asks her father or the eldest man in her family for her hand in marriage. The groom’s family, in turn, agrees to celebrate the marriage and give their approval for the pair’s union.

Before the actual marriage can be celebrated, the families of the bride and groom exchange wedding bands. Before the ceremony can begin, the woman must consent to the marriage, so she asks her husband in front of her Walee, the cultural father of the bride. The groom presents the bride with her Mahr (ring). After the couple has exchanged wedding bands, they must agree to a marriage contract before pious witnesses. The ceremony should be publicly announced to the public.

Before the ceremony, the men from the bride’s family gather at her home. They will dance to traditional Palestinian music. If the groom has a beard, he must wear earplugs during the ceremony. Another important Jordanian wedding tradition is Tolbe. During this celebration, the bride and groom’s families dance around the room to a song. In the middle of the ceremony, the bride and groom dance to music from the first day of their engagement.


The traditional way to eat mansaf is with one’s hands. This is common in the Arab world and is rooted in the lack of water in the area. Bedouin communities don’t have access to running water, so forks and spoons are not washed. This tradition is still popular in Jordan today. In addition to meat, mansaf is traditionally served with rice or bread.

Traditionally, a Jordanian wedding begins on Tuesday, when the family of the groom visits the future bride. The mother of the groom will formally propose marriage on behalf of her son. This ritual is celebrated by reading passages from the Koran. The ceremony must accompany a feast and public announcement of the wedding before it takes place. The wedding celebration is usually a five-day affair, with the groom’s family taking care to accommodate his bride’s family’s dietary needs.

After the ceremony, guests are welcomed by a traditional Arabic music band, with the main instrument being the tabla. The wedding guests then dig into the feast. A traditional Jordanian wedding meal is a feast of rice and meat, referred to as “mansaf.” A person should be sure to finish their portion of Mansaf as it is considered impolite to leave leftover food. It can cause trouser-popping, sleepiness, and even forgetting names.

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